Redlands Art Association   A community organization of artists interested in advancing art education and improving their own skills in the Redlands, California area.  
Raku Glaze Recipes

More Glaze Recipes

  Recipes from a number of different potters

Recipes without gerstley borate



Geology and Seismo Links

Inland Geological Society



A professional organization of geologists and those interested in geology in the Inland Empire of southern California

Seismo Links   A site sponsored by the USGS and CalTech - lots of seismic related links and similar links.  
Seismo Surfing the Web
  More seismic links  
Current Earthquakes   Links to page with current quakes for the Inland Empire area of Southern California  
Plate Tectonics Animations
  Cool animations depicting plate movement over time (continental drift)  
Hippie Links   Links to all kinds of 60's sites, political action sites, environmental sites and more...  


GIS Links

Redlands Institute   University of Redlands Environmental GIS Research Institute.  
E.S.R.I.   The world leader in GIS software and applications  
Geo Community   Website with scripts for ArcView, data depot, list server, job listings and much more.
Paleomap Project   The goal of the Paleomap Project is to illustrate the plate tectonic development of the ocean basins and continents, as well as the changing distribution of land and sea during the past 1,100 million years.  
Great 3D Globes on the web   All kinds of world images including many animated globes. Many have links to other sites...

Music Links

  Our music tastes are quite eclectic. The following links are a sampling of locations to download traditional music such as folk from America and the British Isles, classical, country, patriotic and a whole lot more - most for free. Music found on this site came from some of these sites.

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Ancient Music of Ireland
  Irish folk tunes, reels and a lot more from many centuries
This tune is "The water is wide" Midi music on the web
  A variety of traditional music from the British Isles
  Popular American Songs
  A lot of traditional tunes from our history. Includes songs from wartime, love songs and more.
  Public Domain music
  Royalty free music for download and more
  Traditional Music Links
  Links to all kinds of cool traditional music sites
  Online folk music station   Streaming Folk music on line