I am an ASE Certified journeyman mechanic with more than 42 years experience.  I currently work for Bolger Bros. Automotive in Fontana, California. I am an innovative and creative professional with a very diverse background in all types of commercial, industrial and domestic equipment repair. I learn quickly and can read, understand, diagnose, and rapidly repair any item whether or not a diagram or repair manual is available. I have supervised and technically trained others in the repair of many types of electrical equipment. My duties have included shop foreman, supervision and training of technicians, front counter, retail and wholesale sales, ordering, billing and invoicing.

I have diagnosed, repaired, rebuilt, modified and custom field engineered all types of electrical equipment including hydraulic pump motors, bilge pump motors, alternators, generators, starter motors, traction motors, electric winch motors, air compressor motors and all related electronic control, electrical power control, starter control and voltage regulation systems for commercial, industrial, heavy duty industrial, automotive, marine, heavy marine and aircraft equipment.  I have custom designed and modified electrical power systems in aircraft, obsolete industrial equipment and other equipment not being supported by manufacturers.  I am also familiar with commercial 480-220-208 volt 3 phase and 208-120 volt 1 phase building motors, controls, starters, and related wiring. 

I have diagnosed, repaired and rebuilt engines completely, all types of braking systems (hydraulic, mechanical and pneumatic), air conditioning systems, and related systems on automobiles, trucks, and heavy equipment. I have also diagnosed, repaired and rebuilt automatic and manual transmissions, differentials, gear boxes, transfer cases, clutches, and chain operated devices on automobiles, trucks, heavy equipment, and various commercial and industrial equipment.

I am familiar with numerous types of hand and air tools including hydraulic presses, metal lathes, voltmeters, ammeters, oscilloscopes, and precision measurement equipment including calipers, digital and analog equipment, which can measure down to a fraction of a grain for quality control.

I am a quality welder and can braze, solder, arc, heliarc, TIG and MIG weld various materials.  I do woodworking as a hobby and I can operate radial and table saws, routers, groovers, lathes, and various other equipment.

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